Personal Use

Upright positions are a simple yet powerful tool with many exciting potential benefits backed by research.

Benfits for the Birthing Person

Discover the advantages that upright positions can offer you during your labor. Upright positions may:

  • Facilitate efficient contractions, leading to shorter labor durations and reduced labour augmentation rates. (Albers et al., 2007; Kibuka et al., 2021; Lawrence et al., 2009)
  • Improve pelvic alignment, promoting better descent and rotation of the baby through the birth canal. (Gupta et al., 2017)
  • Reduce the risk of perineal trauma, including episiotomies and severe tears. (Albers et al., 2005; De Jonge et al., 2004; Familiari et al., 2023)
  • Provide a greater sense of control and active participation in the birthing process, leading to higher levels of maternal satisfaction (Albers et al., 2005)

Benefits for Baby

Upright positions have also been shown to offer benefits to baby. Upright positions may:

  • Facilitate an optimal fetal position for birth, enhancing the chances of a smooth and uncomplicated delivery. (De Jonge et al., 2004)
  • Reduce the risk of neonatal interventions and complications. (Lawrence et al., 2009)
  • Enhance neonatal transition, facilitating better respiratory and cardiovascular adaptation after birth. (Gupta et al., 2017)

Ready When You Are

The Nascita Stool is light, compact and ready to go wherever your birth journey takes you.

Labour Options

The Nascita Stool supports a variety of positions to allow you to personalize your birth experience

  • The stool has side, front and rear handles for support during use
  • Rubber feet offer traction to help prevent slipping
  • The stool can be used in the shower and fits in most bathtubs

Nascita Stool

120 kg (265 lb) weight capacity

36 cm (14 in) seat to floor height

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