The Nascita Folding Birth Stool

Our stool is designed for comfort, cleaning, and portability. It enables a personalized birth journey with many positioning options.

Wow Your Clients

Is your birth stool difficult to move, set up and clean? We designed the Nascita Stool to allow you to provide your clients with a great birth experience. Here are some of the benefits the stool can bring to your practice:

  • The Nascita Stool is compact and portable, ensuring the stool is readily available for your convenience wherever you may be
  • Designed with IPAC in mind to be completely cleanable
  • Supportive of a variety of positions to allow your clients to actively explore and personalize their birth experience

Benefits of Upright Positions

Upright positions are a simple yet powerful tool with many exciting potential benefits backed by research.

For the birthing person:

  • A greater sense of control and active participation in the birthing process
  • Reduced risk of perineal trauma, including severe tears
  • Efficient contractions, leading to shorter labor durations

For baby:

  • Enhanced newborn transition, facilitating better adaptation after birth.
  • Reduced risk of neonatal interventions
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Nascita Stool

120 kg (265 lb) weight capacity

36 cm (14 in) seat to floor height

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